Taking care of your mental health means sharing how you feel and asking for help when you need it.

Many counseling worksheets on feelings, anger management, friendship, problem solving, etc. grade unit on connecting feelings to music

Change this to "How do you think the character feels?" and hang in story corner to facilitate discussions. Might help students elaborate a little on the "good", "bad" and "sad" answers that sometimes lean on. At the bottom, add a "why do you think that" or a "how do you know" to help with inferencing.

Feeling faces are great for little ones that have a hard time finding the right word to describe their emotions. It works great with a feeling journal to help them learn what the feeling is and what the facial features might be in each situation.

Emoji Feelings Chart Feelings Faces

Emoji Feeling Faces: Feelings Recognition

Teaching kids feelings recognition helps them to process the myriad of emotions they experience on a daily basis.

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I've used these feelings faces in storytime for years, so I figured that it was finally time to make a printable. This song is great for helping young learners express emotions. I use “feelings f.

Sharing this 'I Feel' - Emotional Word Wheel - by Imgur.  Sometimes it helps to get clear on what the REAL emotion is.

'I Feel' - Emotional Word Wheel

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Feelings Charts and Feeling Faces

I often use feeling faces in my sessions. When I first meet with a client, especially a younger one, I often have them match feeling words to feeling face cards. We then process these feelings by t…

This is the range of emotion and expression that is possible with the human face. This guy is moving - mouth, eyes, eyebrows. A great headshot technique is to throw out words and get your clients to make whatever face they want to convey that word. It doesn't have to make any sense, and a lot of times there's a genuine smile that comes right after making the silly face.

Use to encourage critical thinking for Writers Notebook activities, original idea from Corbett Harrison at Writing Fix.

FREE: How do you feel today? I used these cards in a pocket chart and give each child a mini popsicle stick with their name on it. They take turns going up and putting their st...

place cards in a pocket chart and give each child a mini popsicle stick with their name on it. They take turns going up and putting their stick in front of the smiley face that corresponds to how they feel, using a complete sentence.

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