Grade - Pre-K - Kindergarten , Subject - For All Subject Areas - This pack includes all three Theorists posters linking theorists to EYLF Outcomes, Types of Play and Domains of Development. These posters are a beautiful display in portfolios, on wall and are perfect to give to parents explaining all of your theorist links. They also make a great ‘go to’ poster for quick  and easy links while documenting learning. 

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Maximising children's potential through Inclusion: The EYLF - Getting Started By Joy Goodfellow (Early Childhood Australia)

For many of us who missed the recent EYLF training with PSCWA, Joy Goodfellow did a wonderful introduction to the framework.

Objective for Learning and Development

Teaching Strategies mini-poster Objectives for Development Learning Standard 3 Knowledge of Standards and Assessments. Assess,compare, and contrast the effects fo various teaching strategies on individual student performance relative to content standards)

Reporting to Parents using the EYLF :: Lessons from a Teacher

Reporting to Parents using the EYLF :: Lessons from a Teacher. Australian system possibility separate from VPK . Some interesting concepts to incorporate into basic format using now in CV

Books Poster. For more Play pins visit: ≈ ≈

Classroom Display - The Early Years Institute shares what children learn from books and literacy activities!