Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists: Mark Simon: 洋書 Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists: Mark Simon: 洋書

Muscles of the face - superficial facial muscles - human anatomy diagram

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Speed Anatomy - How fast can you point to your liver, gall bladder, or incisor? Do you know the difference between the auricle and the utricle? Speed Anatomy is a fun and addictive game that tests your anatomical knowledge and recall.

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I am a mortician and this was the neck area that we studied in school.

Dissection of the head and neck, cranial, spinal and sympathetic nerves. Lithograph with hand-colouring by Nicolas Henri Jacob from 'Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme' by Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery, ~ The coolest drawing ever.

depressor labii inferioris and triangularis

Modeling a NURBS head (General Concept Tutorial) - Page 1 - Free Nurbs Modeling Tutorials for Maya

Skull and Facial Bones-Skeletal System Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses:

Skeletal System Anatomy and Physiology

Quick Facial Anatomy Tips by Smirtouille on deviantART via

I was doodling skulls and stuff and this is more like a plan for a more polished tutorial. Some basic things on fac. Quick Facial Anatomy Tips

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The best colour palette

This is absolutely beautiful! After overlaying thousands of portraits by ethnicity this artist rendered them into single people to better understand facial similarities and differences.