Fairy Tail ♥ Gajevy ♥

prompt 1 - cookingAfter that I guess Gajeel caught them and kept the photo for himself, lol.

Gajeel vs Levy - the whole story

Gajeel vs Levy - One say this could very well happen Gale! Takhle se na to musí 😂😂 Levy ví ❤😂😂😂

Awwwwww so cute

Awww but I bet Lucy keeps her window unlocked for him

I Was Waiting On A Different Story by Inspired-Destiny

Sting x Yukino

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Fairy Tail Nalu (Natsu and Lucy), Gruvia (Gray and Juvia), Gale (Gajeel and Levy) and Jerza (Jellal and Erza)

Jerza... YAY!!!

Jerza... YAY!!!