A progressive mountain range. so cool. represent your family with mountains. You can add more as your family grows.

A progressive mountain range. represent your family with mountains. You can add more as your family grows. He said he wanted a mountain tattoo.

maybe with cmyk or nwes?

I keep contemplating this tattoo design. One idea I've thought about is putting the 4 initials of my grandparents' last names. All four of them and their families helped raise me and make me who I am today.

Family tattoos are special and significant, especially when they commemorate the birth or death of someone important. This is because tattoos about family represent love, unity, loyalty and respect. Some of our favorite family tattoo ideas and designs include the quotes “Family First”, “Family Is Forever” or “Family Over Everything” and symbols such as a lion pride, anchor, compass, kid’s handprint, or heart. Ultimately, there are many cool family tattoos for men – you just have to find a…

31 Family Tattoos For Men

Family tattoos for men carry a special significance and mean something different to every person. Get inspired by a large gallery of tattoo pictures!

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160+ Emotional Lifeline Tattoo That Will Speak Directly To Your Soul

With my 3 siblings birth dates.  This may be my next tat.  Love the placement to, right below my cross

15 Cool Tattoo Ideas for Moms

childs birth date tattoo.love this! I will add my children's birthdates underneath my wedding date tattoo