[Naming Characters] 24 Beautiful Welsh Girls' Names You'll Wish Were Yours

22 beautiful Welsh girls' names you'll wish were yours

85 Fantasy And Sci-fi Baby Names

85 Fantasy And Sci-Fi Baby Names For Boys And Girls

85 Fantasy And Sci-fi : Looking for a sci-fi themed baby names? MomJunction has compiled a list of 85 popular sci-fi and fantasy names for girls and boys with meanings.

Different eye colors...if you wanted characters to have wild, unrealistic eye colors.... *shrugs*:

How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

Different eye colors.if you wanted characters to have wild, unrealistic eye colors. *shrugs*: << i have Endsong eyes wbu?

The Fantasy Name Generator: Naming characters in a fantasy world can be challenging. Give this a try.

My fantasy name is: Morwyn Plumowl Lady of the Forbidden Swamps She began her journey as a frightened juggler. She made her way to the Forbidden Swamps after many turns of fortune, one of which involved an able swan and a cursed bottle of rum.