Meet the guardian wolf.

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The Warden by on @DeviantArt

(Open rp) I growl when I hear the door open, the blindfold still on, ever since I had been captured my captures kept me locked away and blindfolded (be my captures daughter)

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What Koran can turn into. This beast has poison in its claws and produces a cold flame, basically freezing everything in its path. It’s called a Malla and only the royal family can shift into it.

☆ Artist Heather (Schumacher) Meuser☆        This is how I picture Billie or Georgia transforming.

☆ Artist Heather (Schumacher) Meuser☆ This reminds me of a very special werewolf in my novel-- This reminds me of Hati

.:Zenith:. by on @DeviantArt

What if you had a dragon as a parent? Another drawing of Tenshi and yes, this is a much better representation of how big Tenshi is xD I might do some art of Viron next, since I feel like I hav.