Practical tips for easy fasting. Very encouraging blog post!

Practical tips for fasting. Fasting and prayer doesn't have to be hard; God's supernatural grace is available to you to help make fasting easy!

21 Day Fasting Plan For Powerful Spiritual Growth | Spiritual Fasting | Daniel Fast | Prayer

21 Day Fast For Powerful Spiritual Growth

How to fast for 40 days. If you're thinking about a 40 day fast, read this for ractical and spiritual strategies to fast safely. It will change your life.

♥✟ How to fast for 40 days. If you're thinking about a 40 day fast, read this for practical and spiritual strategies to fast safely. -- an excellent article on reasons for fasting, plus a very helpful section on confession and repentance

Not sure how I feel about the religious aspect, but I love and relate to the message

May God bless the woman deep witgin me, the woman im trying to be. May he mend where my heart is broken & fill every empty space. May God erase the fears of my past, to create in me a brighter future. May he make me slow to anger & quick to forgive.

Pinterest | @ahmedzaid ................................................ What is amazing is that during Ramadaan, you see some people who fast and pray at night, who spend in charity and worship the Lord of the Worlds, then no sooner has the month come to an end, but their nature changes completely, and they begin to have a bad attitude towards their Lord. So you see them neglecting prayer and avoiding righteous deeds, committing sins and disobeying Allaah in many different ways, keeping away…

May Allah azza wa jaal guide us all to be his righteous and just servants and continue our prayers throughout the year.

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Jesus Christ Himself said for us to pray incessantly and sometimes it's required to fast and pray!