Feeling unloved

Feeling unloved is the worst. Here is a list of feeling unloved quotes to express your feeling directly. You are not alone and the feeling will pass. Just learn to love yourself best.

It's sad how someone can go from being the reason you wake up similing - ღ Heartbreak Images, Breakup Quotes and Sayings ღ

I feel like less than nothing right now.....I want him to love me, but we have been together for almost 2 years....I'm holding on but for what?! He should know if he wants me or not.....

But then you start to pray for that person and hopefully god will show them. And if not maybe it's god saying that person doesn't deserve you.

Feeling unloved

Just remember when you're ignoring her you're teaching her to live without you. Relationships take communication. If you can't take the time to discuss the issues then she must not matter to you.

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The most terrible loneliness is in loving someone completely, deeply, and without reserve; and knowing that you're not loved that way in return.