30 clichés d’adorables furets dans des postures plus insolites les unes que les…

30 clichés d’adorables furets dans des postures plus insolites les unes que les autres

Ferret Chart - Click image to find more hot Pinterest pins

Ferrets - Finnick-marked white, Theodore-sable mask, Phell-sable mitt, and Larka-blaze.

Oh my goodness my babies look like the two In the middle :3

lol ferret siblings look like the one on top and their adopted sister is a silver tail

These look like my first rescued ferret, Baby from when I was like 6 or 7, and what I'm sure is her reincarnation, Kraken who just found us last summer. <3

Ferret Duo Takes Popular Comedy Show on National Tour As rising stars on the rodent comedy scene, Jake and Joey (better known as The Rascally Brothers) are ferreting out some new laughs with a nationwide tour starting January The duo hopes to.

Well look at that...a cage made out of a inexpensive metal shelving unit and hardware cloth!

Cool DIY cage for rats/ferrets made out of metal shelving unit and hardware cloth with a ball pit

Ferrets (this one looks very mischievous)- ( I was gonna say, sweetness with a hint if mischievousness. ) *waves hi to Cindy!*

I used to have a ferret when I was younger. It would steal things and hide them under the couch. It was so flexible, it would go through the holes in the cage! by boo ☆

Contrary to what many believe - ferrets are NOT necessarily stinky - if you take good care of them - clean them, feed them the right food and clean their housing every day; it's very simple and they actually don't smell at all. It's when you neglect them, THAT'S when they can smell pretty damn bad, lol.

little white ferret: "Draw me like one of your French girls.