Fili and Kili from the Hobbit, Fili yells grab my hand and I think that is really the first time you realize Fili at his core is Kili's big brother.

One of my strongest memories about reading the Hobbit was the hoods that the dwarves had and I just love this picture

Dwarf cats! (and little Hobbit guinea pig) But mostly Fili and Kili at the end.

The Hobbit characters as Cats<Bilbo the angry Guinea pig tho

"Sleep well" Balin covering Fili and Kili, when they are children sleeping, and when they are... are.. I can't say it. NO NO NO NO NO NONONONONO NOO NNOOOO NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO

"Sleep well" Balin covering Fili and Kili --- Nooo, my feeeeels! Not okay! Not okay! Not okay!

The Hobbit - Fili and Kili XD

The Hobbit - Fili and Kili XD <-- No no, it took them 47 takes to get the bow timing right (mostly bc of Martain making faces at them) and Aidan is trying so hard.

* spoiler* I hope they give fili and Kili honorable deaths during the Battle of Five Armies. This picture made me cry!!  I pay credit and respect that goes to the amazing artist on  Amazing fan-art! Love this! though it makes me sad...

Thorin, Fili, and Kili from beginning to end Hobbit fanart

Frerin, father of Fili and Kili. Cool how he looks like both of them at the same time!!<< HE'S GORGEOUS

Frerin, father of Fili and Kili. <----Frerin is the middle sibling of Dis and Thorin(being the oldest). This could be Frerin OR Fili and Kili's father.

Gimli at the tomb of Fili and Kili. Oh don't mind me, I'm just over here trying to put my heart back in place.

Gimli at the tomb of Fili and Kili. Now I have to get over LotR feels

It breaks my heart every time this happens! Even when they were just walking and Kili was in the middle of the line and Fili at the end, I was like, "NO! They have to be together - ALWAYS!!"

LoTR Weighs In On The American "Sherlock"

HOW? I have been searching SO LONG for the PERFECT way to describe Fili. HOW did this person do it SO perfectly? <3 <3 <3

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness. -Fili from The Hobbit

Just laugh it off, Aidan (Kili) Just deal with it, Dean (Fili)

drama queen on

Dean looks like Tue introverted older brother shaking his head at his goofy, extroverted younger brother. <--- I can relate to Dean/Fili.