Wow. What has the world become?

A Finn Wolfhard Story {Finn x Reader}

Most relatable thing I have ever seen in my life

Yup yup all true (jk I don’t look /that/ much like the demogorgon 🙃

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Stranger things

strangerthingscast: ““Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things photographed together at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild awards for People Mag/AP. (by colinyoungwolff) ” ” Sweet photo ❤️

And She's Totally on Board With the Overalls Trend

Millie Bobby Brown Just Signed With Gigi and Bella Hadid's Modeling Agency

5 momentos fashions de Millie Bobby Brown: a fofa e estilosa atriz de Stranger Things

Finn explains my entire life..<----"were supposed to be smol beans together"

Finn explains my entire life.<----"were supposed to be smol beans together" and “shut up Millie u loved it”

#wattpad #de-todo En donde yo hablo de lo que más sé. Stranger Things y su cast. Aquí subiré noticias, imágenes, teorías, mini historias, etc.


Meme Of Stranger Things By Tii Tissera

Meme Of Stranger Things By Tii Tissera

Oh my god this is everything my heart ever desired...AND THOSE LEGS! WORK IT FINN

I couldnt stop laughing when all of regina gretchen and karen were mike that just made me happy and the fact max is with such classic look on her face is awesome