I cried so much when he died. My life will never be the same. He shouldn't have died . He should have met his son!

21 Literary Characters Who Shouldn't Have Died

Finnick’s Look is Key for Fall Chic The fisherman knit sweater from District Four. by Monica Corcoran Harel Nothing speaks to clan heritage like a fisherman knit sweater.

Finnick Odair- the one who is tough on the outside and tender hearted on the inside.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Question one, favorite character. My favorite character will have to be Finnick or Peeta. Finnick is so funny and brave and just all around awesome. Peeta is so loving and funny as well and so caring

catching fire<3. I can't not repin this. Especially after watching the special features with the two of them. They are so sweet together

I'm convinced the directors of The Hunger Games find the actual characters, not actors. Except for jen she isn't katniss she's just a great actor

Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) - Catching Fire | THOSE DIMPLES. MM MM MM... (In case you couldn't tell, dimples on guys are kind of my...thing...)

(Sam Claflin) as Finnick Odair. My favorite character from the Hunger Games Trilogy.

at first i was worried about finnick being cast, because he is my favorite character & i didnt want the movie to ruin him for me, but i am very please with their choice & Sam Claffin is a very great actor, i can't wait to see the movie.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Hunger Games Quarter Quell District Posters. Eleven the Hunger Games Quarter Quell District movie posters for The

I always feel bad for Finnick when I see stuff like this. And Sam Claflin does an amazing job as Finnick.

Original caption said "people think Finnick is weak." I've NEVER heard anyone call Finnick weak. He's one of the most badass characters in this trilogy.<<so true<---- I love finncik.

Finnick odair, hunger games :'(

Hunger Games Humor / Catching Fire / Finnick / Lol haha funny pics / pictures / that is NOT okay

Sam Claflin returns to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 as Finnick Odair, an emotional victor of the Games.

Which Scenes Are These New Stills From?


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Ladies and gentlemen Sam Clafin aka Finnick Odair- my favourite person at the moment

My favorite part in the whole interview^

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