How To Spend 1 Day In Florence: The Complete Itinerary · Make the most out of just 24 hours in the birthplace of the Renaissance! Use this itinerary (and helpful map) to plan the perfect day in Florence, Italy. Drop by the David, visit the city's famous c

10 Useful Italian Words You Need to Know Before Traveling to Italy (Infographic)

The 10 essential Italian phrases you need to know before traveling to Italy. - Culture Trip's ultimate list of what Italian words you need to know.

I created one comprehensive map of Florence with all of my favorite coffee stops, restaurants, must-see museums.

This is the start of a mysterious and fascinating trip: a voyage across more than 20 centuries of creativity through which art and history intertwine, telling the story of what human ingenuity has created through the ages.

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Italy Map

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Mappa Di Firenze (Map of Florence) - Vintage Style Italian Map Poster