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Dude, you have to see this


I SHIP IT HARDCORE MAN U DONT UNDERSTAND<< at 13 my love life consisted of me and ken the barbie what is this. << at 13 I was in a serious relationship with my fridge and yeah. Aha x<--at 13 my love life was me and my bed

This has happened to me. In my first hour. I was a fifth grader and an eighth grader said that. My friends and I freaked out.

32 Times Tumblr Was Too Clever For Its Own Good

Feed Me And Tell Me Im Pretty.

That's NOT a valid kiss me <<< kiss me until I cannot speak, until my breath leaves and I must pull away. kiss me until I moan, until I go silent. feel my lips against yours in a silent rhythm of happiness and acceptance

"LIVE LIFE...because sometimes the biggest       "mistakes" make the BEST stories"

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes~ I just finished my first eulogy. We put her ashes back into the ocean in two days time. She was never old but she had lots of stories.

This so stupid it's hilarious

And then as you get older the names get more lofty/pompous so when you're sixty your name is Bartholomew or Fitzwilliam or Genevieve or something.

Differences between women and men first kiss

Funny pictures about The Difference Between Men And Women Explained By Friends. Oh, and cool pics about The Difference Between Men And Women Explained By Friends. Also, The Difference Between Men And Women Explained By Friends photos.

Imagine ...#soulmate #crazy #quote

That'd be awesome<<< like no lie I would read that book like 1500000 times but yeah meeting my soul mate would be nice too<<wonder if I've met my soulmate and we just don't know it

Most of us have plenty of stories of our first love, teen love, and many love stories later on in life. Being the father of two teen boys, I’ve witnessed their social lives, lived a bit vicariously through them, and been reminded about how we all must find our own way. We all must learn our lessons. And, we as parents really can’t and shouldn’t overly protect our children from these valuable lessons. -

Hahaha Yes please blame it on Disney. My kids are never watching Disney! There are no such thing as princesses!well maybe they might still watch Disney.

That first kiss... has never happened. I think  it makes me love you even more, though. We were together for so long and did not even kiss.

U don't know how long I've wanted you to kiss me Do it all ready. Kiss me. Kiss me hard, and long. Kiss me with all of you. Your mind, and soul, and heart. Just kiss me.

Any girl who thinks this just needs to open their eyes and look right in front of them, because Prince Charming is normally to shy to make the first move.

How to tell when a Girl, a Guy or I want to kiss

Funny pictures about When I want a kiss. Oh, and cool pics about When I want a kiss. Also, When I want a kiss.