How to Sew A Wipeable, Kid-Friendly Fitted Tablecloth: FREE Tutorial

How to Sew a Fitted Tablecloth: FREE Tutorial on Craftsy

This is a simple DIY tutorial for a wipeable tablecloth that doesn't move and can't be pulled off by little hands. It stays on with elastic and the best part is it's waterproof so spills can be cleaned with a wipe!

If you have little kids you know that tablecloths can be a bit of a hassle. After our table cloth (and food!) had been pulled off one too many times I took matters into my own hands and sewed a sta...

Stay-Put TableCloth Tutorial

Amy from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop shows how you can make a tablecloth that stays put. Instead of a flat piece of fabric draped over a table (which can be easily pulled off!), this stay put tableclot…

Fitted vinyl tablecloth. Great for covering the kitchen table during messy projects.

Sew a perfect fit tablecloth to decorate and protect your tables with this free and easy sewing pattern. Learn how to measure your table to make your tablecloth fit perfectly.

Easy Peasy table cloth that won't slip off or get caught in your clothing when you stand up. Great when you have kids around! Also good for picnic tables, just sew a rectangular one instead of round.

fitted tablecloth - I would do a variation so that there would be a skirt hanging down as well. I think it would look classier :)