Al Williamson ~ Flash Gordon

Original Comic Art:Illustrations, Al Williamson Flash Gordon Hand Colored IllustrationOriginal Art (c.

Alex Raymond - Flash Gordon - Dale Arden - illustration - Princess Leia was directly influenced by Alex Raymond's Work

When Alex Raymond drew the comic strip Flash Gordon , he often used smooth, tapered lines that flowed seamlessly from light to heavy, from.

Flash Gordon - James Sweet ----

The series inspired Star Wars. The movie was fun. 'Flash Gordon' Star Wars style by James Sweet

Flash Gordon ala Dino DeLaurentiis. Giada's Grandad rocked this movie with the soundtrack by Queen.

Flash Gordon (1980) - Illustrated Reference

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Flash Gordon No. 1

Cover art of Flash Gordon no. featuring reproductions and adaptations of older comic strip adventures, published by Harvey Comics, United States, by Alex Raymond.

Flash Gordon is a sci-fi hero from 1930s and an adventurer of the planet Mongo. He was dubbed "King Of the Impossible" due to his fantastic feats such as thwarting his arch nemesis Ming the Merciless. Flash Gordon was published by King Features Syndicate originally. (Comic Vine) >> clic pic for more info

Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine Dec (CJH Publications, "The Master of Mars." Features a cover and eight full-page color interior illustrations by Fred Meagher.