After watching the movie Sleepless in Seattle, a lot of people started thinking about living on a floating home. And many were surprised at how luxurious their interiors could look....

Floating Home Interiors for West Coast Living

Floating Houses // A small floating home on Portage Bay in Seattle, Washington. Designed by Ninebark Design Build.

11 Awesome Examples Of Modern House Boats // This floating home has most of the living space on the bottom floor with a deck and kitchen…

Plans To Design And Build A Container Home - maison sur leau à plusieurs niveaux, bardage bois massif et grandes baies vitrées - Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?

Coastal or seaside residences have always been alluring but “right on the water” homes are definitely something to consider.

5 Unique Floating Homes For a Luxurious Lifestyle

The Amillarah Private Islands project is developing the ultimate private retreats in various locatio.

Tiny house enthusiasts might be excited to find out that the popular movement is heading to the water: Think of this 960-square-foot floating tiny house in Seattle's Portage Bay as the ultimate tiny summer home.

You Will Want to Spend Every Single Summer in This Floating Tiny House

city floating homes. Tiny house enthusiasts might be excited to find out that the popular movement is heading to the water: Think of this floating tiny house in Seattle's Portage Bay as the ultimate tiny summer home.

Tiny Floating House Maine Home and Design (****See Pin showing different angle from

A Tiny 240-Square-Foot Floating House in Maine

Floating House

13 Amazing Floating Homes Around the World

Floating Homes Delivering Best Water Views Many fortunate souls escape to waterfront destinations for vacation, but some ar.

Would you live on a houseboat? Seattle-based architect, David Olson, created a modern steel structure with 360 degree views.

Land Is Overrated! 8 Stylish Floating Homes Around the World

yes please!The Eco Floating Home's ethos is "to construct healthy, ethical homes that enhance the countryside and deliver maximum comfort with minimum energy bills and a small carbon footprint." These homes utilize energy efficiently by harnessing natural light, incorporate solar heating, photo galvanic cladding, waste and water treatment, and passive energy control systems like green roofs.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint with an Eco Floating Home

Houseboat custom designed by Dirkmarine. Build on a concrete hull

Dirkmarine produces custom designed floating homes in UK on a maintenance free concrete hull HUBB®. Approved by strictest Scandinavian authorities.

Houseboats You Can Rent - Floating Homes to Rent on Vacation - Good Housekeeping

7 Floating Homes You Can Actually Rent for the Night

Portland House Boat Rental: 'floating Home' Featured On ~hgtv's~ Living Channel 80 Homes

floating tiny home....if you ever get to Seattle, you have to go look at all of the boat houses along Lake Union!  OMG they are CUTE!!!

Yes Please - Floating Home

house on the water; looks like a floating houseboat.on my I could live long as my sewing machine could plug in somewhere.

This “Floating Barn” designed by Latvian architects is actually a floating two-story home, functioning as both boat and lake house.

10 Best :: Lake Houses

floating house design - This sleek floating house design comes from company NRJA and looks from the outside like a minimalist barn. The sides of this stunning barn boat ho.

Dubais Floating Seahorse Homes Are Partially Submerged And Totally Futuristic - Rendering

Insane 'Floating Seahorse' Homes Are Partially Submerged, Totally Futuristic

Live Underwater in The Floating Seahorse Luxury Houseboats in Architecture & Interior design

Lake Union house boat - One of several lakes in Seattle, Lake Union is in the heart of the city.

How to Live on a Houseboat

Houseboats are a unique transformation of a simple concept of boats on water. As their name illustrates, these boats function as an alternate residential paradigm. Find out more about the houseboats in the article inside.