model / laying in water / transparent fabrics / dress / long hair

PINNER OF THE WEEK // Ruthie Carl Taylor from Mora Life Design

I chose this because it reminded me of Ophelia drowning herself in the water. Additionally the girl in this picture isn't struggling she looks calm and relaxed much like Ophelia did when they found her.

reflectionTO ALL ART LOVERS - PLEASE SPREAD MY STATEMENT: (shortnened) Dear Pinterest team, If you think, that that some of them go against your policies please remove it - but: I hereby ask you NOT REMOVE my pins which dont break your policies. I hereby ask you NOT REMOVE pins from secret boards. I consider removal of pins, which are not in contrary to the Pinterest policies as a breach of my personal rights. I hope you will find better way to save Pinterest from unappropriate content...

50 Mind-Blowing Reflection Photography examples and Tips for beginners

Kate Moss and Stella McCartney photographed by Bruce Weber for W Magazine, November 1997.

murmurs: “ HIGH CAMP November 1997 Photographed by Bruce Weber Fashion Editor: Michel Botbol Hair & Makeup by Dick Page for Jedroot Models: Kate Moss/Women, Lucie de la Falaise/Elite, Marianne.