Love this concept from Stephen Covey; spend time in Quadrant 2, and you'll have fewer fires and emergencies to put out in Quadrant 1!

18 Helpful Time Management Tips for Designers

#Marketing Planning: 4 Areas of Focus

Business and management infographic & data visualisation Planning: 4 Areas of Focus. Infographic Description Planning: 4 Areas of F

Do this with Mathematical Practices - from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Teacher Week Day 2 Classroom Digs!

Math & Science vocab walls: like the idea of using a pocket chart, easily switchable without destroying the paper/wall behind it. Change background to fit theme.

35 habits of successful women to develop in the new year for more focus and a better work-life balance AD KnowYourWater

35 Habits of Successful Women You Should Develop in 2017

Nitrofocus is the scientific solution to increasing productivity. It uses special brainwave to activate focus, helping you get more done in less time.

Focus: Comprehension- retelling Directions: Students will get in partners and roll the dice. They will retell based on what it lands on. Example: Student rolls a 4. "The story took place in Sue's backyard." Source:

READING ACTIVITY An Apple For The Teacher: Roll and Retell - Building Summarizing, Communication, and Writing Skills after reading a book as a class students pair up or get in small groups and roll the dice and answer the questions.

Image detail for -purple pansies colors purple and green dimensions 45 x 60 approx price ...

Image detail for -purple pansies colors purple and green dimensions 45 x 60 approx price .

Earthquake - Social Sciences video for kids

This is a social science video that answers - What is earthquake? - How does earthquake occur? - What are the different types of waves? An unexpected movemen.