Why you should pay more attention to your feet.  Give yourself a foot massage today!  Toxins really settle in the joints -- so don't forget to rub out those crunchy build-up spots around your ankles.

What is Reflexology? Reflexology is the process of applying pressure to specific pressure points on the feet, hands and ears. These specific pressure points are said to correlate to organs and syst…

Reflexology by understanding the theory of ten invisible zones in the body, location of various reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body and the technique of applying pressure on these points.  http://www.guruofreflexology.com/brief-reflexology/chart-of-reflexology-reflexology-chart/

Reflexology Foot Chart includes Reflexology charts, maps, Figures and diagrams of foot.Reflexology Chart of foot explain the reflex Centers on feet and body.


Foot Reflexology Massage: A Healing Touch That Helps Prevent Many Disease - Health And Healthy Living

How To Give Reflexology Foot Massage

Jump-start your journey towards a healthier, more comfortable life with this beginner's guide on how to give reflexology foot massage.

Refelxology Foot Chart - Here is another form of the reflexology foot chart. This one seems to be a bit more in-depth than some of the others, and we like the color coding.

Thai massage is a real gift to your body and your soul. Thai massage is not the same as conventional body massage and it is often called "Thai Healing System". Thai foot massage is a philosophy based on relationship between energy points on the.

Hand and Foot Reflexology Meridians – What are they and how do you use them?

Hand and Foot Reflexology Meridians – What are they and how do you use them?


Looking For A Good Massage? A full body massage is extremely relaxing and has many benefits.