Celebrate Chinese New Year by making and sharing these fun fortune cookies

Celebrate Chinese New Year by making and sharing these fun fortune cookies

Free printable funny fortunes for fortune cookies. These are hilarious! They are also great for New Year's...

Fortune Cookie Printable

Dump A Day Fun DIY Craft Ideas - 52 Pics

How to make paper fortune cookies for New Year's Eve - I once made "real" (= edible) fortune cookies for NY and they tasted like gummy after an hour. so I prefer paper this year!

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12 Funniest Fortune Cookies ever - Oddee.com (funny fortune cookies, fortune cookies sayings)

12 Funniest Fortune Cookies ever

the fortune and the cookie were not created using photoshop. Fortune Cookie Message: Stop Procrastinating - Starting Tomorrow

If you want the rainbow, you have to tolerate the rain. 20 Best Chinese Fortune Cookie Sayings About Life

The recipe for a fortune cookie is flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil with a "fortune" paper wrapped inside. Here's a very ironic story behind the

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Fortune Necklace Says: "Never settle for anything less than butterflies." could care less for the saying, but a fortune cookie necklace!