You Gotta Be Crazy to Adopt From Foster Care... We said yes to adopting from foster care!  Excited for this adventure.

10 Life-Altering Baby Care Hacks

National Foster Care Month - You Gotta Be Crazy to Adopt From Foster Care [Infographic]

This free printable Homestudy checklist for adoption and foster care will make gathering documentation easier.

Home Study Checklist for Adoption and Foster Care

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the cost of foster care adoption - little things + big stuff

Funny Baby Care Tips For New Moms

What is the cost of foster care adoption? Is it free? Is it expensive? What is included in adoption subsidy?

Tips to adopt infants from foster care system

Ten Tips for Adopting an Infant from the Foster Care System

What to do the FIRST night! Great post no only for foster placement, but older child adoptions!

What to do the first night of foster placement. Foster families, foster care, foster children, homes

Tricia Goyer shared her foster care adoption story last week and was thrilled with your questions, so she consulted the expects to answer you!

How does foster care adoption work? Does it matter if the child is older or younger than your children? What if there are behavioral issues? Your questions answered by the experts!

Why Can't I Adopt a Young Child From Foster Care?? | Where are all the toddlers??  #adoption #fostercare

Great information for anyone considering adopting from Foster Care. This isn't a set in stone rule but does give a better understanding of the process for most cases.