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Foster The People, Torches --- Helena beat; Pumped up kicks; Call it what you want; Don't stop (color on the walls); Life on the nickel; Miss you Warrant.

Pay the Man | Foster The People | | Added to: #indie #spotify

Doing It for the Money Lyrics: Just close your eyes / We’re gonna run this blind / We live our lives / Yeah, we’re not wasting time / Maybe we lost our minds / We’re gonna get, gonna get / Get what we can / But

Best Friend - Foster the People | People can't even understand how much I love this band

Foster The People - Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix) by Wave Racer on SoundCloud

FOSTER THE PEOPLE Isom Innis Mark Foster Mark Pontius Sean Cimino

The indie-pop band Foster the People discuss their third studio album "Sacred Hearts Club" before an epic performance at Lollapalooza.