Franz Kline.   1910 - 1962.  Pennsylvania USA.  Abstract painting.  Abstract expressionism.  Action painting.

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( American artist Franz Kline in his studio photographed by John Cohen. via art history about abstract expressionism

Franz Kline, New York, New York

Get the Look: A Masculine and Metropolitan Bedroom

Untitled (1948) by Franz Kline

Franz Kline, Untitled, This artist displayed abstract expressionism in this piece. Nothing in his painting is very recognizable and he used large and harsh strokes to display movement.

King Oliver, 1958. Franz Kline (1910-1962). Kline sought in the later 1950s to maintain a stylistic development. He was to introduce a full range of color. Some black-and-white paintings had already retained traces of sombre hues, but now Kline returned to the strident palette that he had largely eschewed since the later 1940s, as in the clashing green, red, and purples of King Oliver.

King Oliver, Franz Kline This painting is an example of abstract expressionism and the beginning of the "Color Field" because it is abstract in style but it contains bright colors.

Franz Kline (1960) Art Ad                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This is an advertisement which was removed from an auction catalogue from the year The image shown in the ad is of an untitled work [dated

Franz Kline

Illustration Approach: Fast This image portrays 'fast' though the movement seen in the stroke and it's rough and urgent nature.

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Zinc Yellow, 1959 by Franz Kline (Framed) by 1000Museums at Gilt

Cleopatra Flesh, 1962 by Jules Olitski (Framed) from Best Sellers: Art for Dapper Dudes on Gilt

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When an artist abandons color . all that remains is the essence, the strength of the stroke and the purity of the sign.