"I watched my friends, leave my life, and the worst part is that I felt like I deserved it."

So Mads. there's someone messaging me. i hope you are easily triggered and i hope you cant reach out to your friends cause they wont be there for you when you need them

I have more scars the friends tumblr depression quotes I hate how true this is

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hurt mypost feelings ignored forgotten left out cancelled second option blamed, man dose it work to not get hurt over these stupid things:)

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Promise me. You won't forget our laughs. Our jokes. Our Smiles. Our conversations. Our plans. Our tears. Our memories. Our experiences. Our friendship.] - "I won't" promised Allison as she walked away " I never will"

I love you. I know I've caused you pain. I'm guilty of that. At the end of each day, my love for you won't change. Together we will overcome  the many obstacles we will face throughout our future. I love you. I cherish you. I hope you see this message soon. I look forward to see you everyday even if we start the morning bad or end the night. I'm still learning what true love is as you can see. I love you. c.s.

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