Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles | Community Post: 13 Sweets From Around The World That Are Worth The Cavities

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles

'The British love affar with fruit pastilles can be dated back to 1881, when the Rowntree family began to manufacture them in Tyneside. The sweets are also popular in Australia, where, since the acquisition of Rowntree by Nestlé in 1988, they've been known as "Wonka fruit pastilles".'

Favourite traditional British sweets: in pictures

Turtle cupcakes! These would be great for a kid's b-day party, especially a Little Mermaid party!

Animal cupcakes anyone can make

If you love Finding Nemo, then this Squirt Happy Turtle Cupcakes will definitely put a smile on your face. It is perfect for a birthday party for your kid as well. This candy turtle-topped cupcake recipe can be found at Disney’s Family.

Rowntree's 30% Less Sugar Fruit Pastilles

A lot of people are on the whole low sugar kick lately, which is a pretty good direction to go from the misguided low fat trend.

photo of Hedgerow Fruit Pastilles

Hedgerow Fruit Pastilles

Homemade fruit jelly confectionery recipe using mixed foraged fruits such as brambles, elderberries and wild plums.