Gold Full Moon

A luxury version of the Full Moon now available as a foil blocking on fine art paper. Square format 30 x Limited edition of each signed .

Every full moon has its own unique name depending on where it lands in the year. Full moon names were initiated by Native Americans who kept track of the seasons by offering distinctive names to each recurring full moon. Which moon month do you love most?

May Flower Moon full moon esbat ritual, correspondences and goals. KINDA CREEPY considering I have an interview lined up.

There's more violence during full moons, say police

Frenchie full moon I love this pic as my frog dog loves to howl like a little wolf cub, he's so cute!

The Magick Kitchen Feb Full Moon Tea Ritual It says February but I bet it could be tweeked for any month!

Fabulous Full Moon Photography To Keep You Fascinated

Perfect film-ish idea for Captain Sparrow as the magical lunar resurrection of the Black Pearl.