My parents are white and they did this to me all the time

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And this one.

That or im like "oh, so you saw what I did in mys sleep." *smirks*  I apparently sleep walk.

" *smirks* I apparently sleep walk. <<<i sleep walk all the time to eat food left in the counter in the middle of the night. i've been told some very interesting stories about my night-time travels

Kool-aid humor, funny. Black people be like...white people be like...

If you can't taste the diabetes you ain't doing it right. oh my god i cant breathe. this is how i make kool aid too though lol

Spongebob tampax XD dats fucking funny

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This was fun af #GrowingUpBlack

This was fun af Idk why it says growing up black; I'm white and played with the doorstop as a kid. LOL but still funny.

Hahahahaha the original!!

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Lol. Every time I see seagulls I'm tempted to should SEAGULLS but everyone would look at me funny

This reminds me of the bryan stars interview that had matt good and andy biersack and matt good says he imagines when anypdy walks to a place the song i am to sexy for my shirt and seagulls just fly

funny texts

I’m gonna do it “I put the "hot” in psychotic"- Pisces, Aquarius “I put the "fun” in funeral"- Cancer, Scorpio “I put the "laughter” in slaughter"- Aries, Sagittarius “I put the "sass” in assassin"-.