We're ready for the cold snap.

15 Dogs That Are Ready for Winter

are ready for winter time. Do you think we're dressed warm enuf, honey boo boo?

I don't know how they got her to hold still to paint the nose. Definitely trying this on Bruno

Funny Boxer Puppy Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Jody Trappe Photography

Funny Boxer Puppy Greeting Card for Sale by Jody Trappe Photography

Funny Boxer draped over a Tire Swing-GoofBall Boxer Poses

Boxers are Goofballs (and wiggle bottoms, and many more names). Here are 10 Goofball Boxer Poses SURE to make you laugh.

Lucy, Duke & Their Humans: Funny Boxer Moments

Pictures of funny dogs! Funny dogs with words Funny dogs with sayings Funny and cu.

funny boxer pin

Chauffeur puppy. Saw this at a rest stop this morning.

If you don't fight them, you will never want to let them go out of your life. See why at http://barkingtails.com

Do You Have a Boxer? Let's Gear Up to Fight That Evil Breed In 29 Ways

Little boy and dog drinking from hose; summer

Boxer - Energetic and Funny