i mustache you a question but i'll shave it for later

What Is Your Couple Personality?

My boyfriend is my best friend. Having your boyfriend be your best friend is the ultimate package deal, as it involves a lot of junk food and kisses.

chest bump! haha funny and cute for a wedding picture aww

Winter is amazingly romantic time, with its special cozy festive atmosphere, lots of sparkling snow around and hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Haha this is kind of funny. Make sure scott sees these before the photos hahaha

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Alicia + Paul // Love Session

Alicia + Paul // Love Session // Seattle, WA

funny wedding photos - Up Close and Colorful by lorrie

This is so creative! Probably wouldn't do it, but it's sooo cool! This is so fantastic Lee Lee Lee Hathcock Will you guys shoot my engagement shots and can we do this? Even if it's 37 years from now?