I'm so gonna use this for Charles

Top 30 Funny Birthday Quotes

Funny Birthday Quotes Is it your friends birthday? Are you looking for some funny birthday quotes for Friends Well worry not we have some great funny Birthday quotes & Wishes

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I don't usually block people but it just happened . It's humor, if you don't like something. Keep scrolling. My sarcasm isn't for everyone I know this but I do try .

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Telling jokes along with your real life stories is a best way to grip the other’s attention. To crack a joke according to the situation is little bit difficult.

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Haha! My new favorite!

Did it hurt? When you fell out of someone's ass into the toilet, you piece of shit.

I Feel So Bad For This Cow... But I Also Can Not Stop Laughing... It's so True. ♡ Too Funny.

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Sorry for such pin but reality is reality  Funny Picture to share nº 14575

Sorry for such pin but reality is reality Funny Picture to share nº 14575

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Being of Spanish decent on my mothers side I find this funny my Irish side not so much