10 Signs You Grew Up With A Mexican Mom

12 Memes You'll Understand If You Have A Mexican Mom

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62 entries are tagged with mexican word of the day jokes. Mexican word of the day "Irish" I blew out my birthday candles and Irish I won the lottery.


I'm Spanish, so not exactly a Hispanic, but I grew up with Hispanic culture. So funny cause it's true. The hanging pan racks we have never get used for the pans. They go in the oven where they belong.

Now this is a Mexican Purse being put to good use!

"Only fools pay the movie prices!" I think we are lil guilty of this one! LoL Raza knows what's up :)****haha and in a COACH purse, LMFAO

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Mexican word of the day: ice mocha. I have a bad memory because ice mocha lot of weed.

Mexicans be like.. Lol

Mexicans be like.saving gift bags for the next party! Recycling i ALWAYS do this lol ima tru mexican no jk



Mexicans be like..... i want that shirt!

Relax Gringo t-shirt. I have so many relatives who need this shirt! I can't stop laughing!