This is obviously photoshopped but funny anyway

45 Life Lessons Written by a Woman. This is awesome and definitely worth a read Wise Women, 90 Year Old Woma.

This old lady and a cat

This old lady and a cat

This old lady and a cat 30 Most Disturbing Face Swaps Of 2012 Pearl Pearl Liu Lawrence

Funny Old Women Memory Joke Picture

as you get older your memory will start to slowly fade away and you wont be able to remeber as much anymore. this picture shows two old ladys having a conversation about how bad their memory is, but then forget what they said.

me as an old lady....I can only hope to be so fab

This lady is called Rita, she is 81 year old and she own over 70 pairs of glasses. She’s definitely a fun Lady! Inspirational … You can never have too many sunglasses! photo: Ari Seth Cohen Another Amazing find on my friends!

Inge Löök's old ladies Love these friends growing old together, enjoying life, and remembering to be young at heart. They make me smile and I hope I keep my joy, for life, as I get older.

Just the image of the old lady screaming "Oh BURN!" LOL

Old people say the best things. I love old people!<<and hit my aunt with a fly swatter

Funny Old Ladies §§§  Finnish Artist INGE LOOK

Финская художница Inge Look. СТАРУШКИ-ХОХОТУШКИ…