Never Run out of Fun Things To Do With Your Teenage Girl Friends Step 21.jpeg

Never Run out of Fun Things To Do With Your Teenage Girl Friends

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Make this super fun DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint with ingredients you probably have at home! Your kids will love it, and it's easy to clean up!!

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint - Kids will love this activity! Make DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint, perfect summer boredom buster for the kids!

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course. This looks TOO fun!

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids happy and entertained during the summer. This easily customizable pool noodle obstacle course is perfect for a kid’s play date, party or a fam.

Do It Yourself Christmas Gifts for Kids - Homemade Christmas Presents for Children and DYI Christmas Crafts for Kids | Toys, Dress Up Clothes, Dolls and Fun Games | Cool gifts to make for boys and girls |

41 Fun DIY Gifts to Make For Kids (Perfect Homemade Christmas Presents!)

Tired of the bad attitude after your kids get too much screen time? Get them set up with the best educational apps for phone and tablet. Plus, these apps are so fun!

7 Best Apps That Will Make Your Kid Smarter

Baby Shower Headband Station - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

Do you wish you had a fun and creative baby shower theme/idea for the shower you are throwing? Today, we are going to solve that dilemma with a fabulously adorable and so, so fun baby shower headband station

NGP -- totally hate this! Though, I admit to a few fangirl crushes on a few characters ... *coughLaraCroftcoughcough*

Nerd Girl Problem When nearly all female video game characters are skinny, well endowed and overly attractive women with hardly any clothes on while male character come in varying shapes, sizes and lever of attractiveness

Are you a true girl gamer? Beat your guy at a game he's really good at. That'll win him over. Besides, controller wires don't taste very good.

Kill them with fire.

There IS such a thing as "Fake gamer girls". Can we please stop defending sluts with fake glasses who can't even turn on a fucking Playstation? No offense to sluts with real glasses who actually know how to turn on a fucking Playstation lol

Before you start packing up your closet for the semester, you should make sure you've got all of the wardrobe essentials you will need!

20 Wardrobe Essentials Every College Girl Must Own

Looking for boredom busters? Grab this list of over 100 unique holidays and find something fun to celebrate as a family! Wacky & weird holidays every month! (ad)

105 Weird and Wacky Holidays to Celebrate with Kids

Looking for boredom busters? This list has 105 oddball holidays to celebrate with kids! A fun way to celebrate everyday with your kids!