Onward to victory!

Onward to victory!

Me with my dragon priest mask, ebony gauntlets, elven chest piece, and dwarven boots. As a Wood Elf.

DnD Memes is a popular and well run Facebook page. It has over 350,000 likes, an impressive tally for any RPG site, and sells merch over at D20 Collective.

28 of the best DnD Memes

Gaming problems

Dafuq Was I Even Doing Here?

Not just me - Imgur

Not just me

Whenever a guy is clearly buying his lady a gift, I always search for HER info. Beauty Insider, the gift that keeps on giving 🎁

The latter option is more rarer than the former two!

The truth...

This is true. Another giveaway is if there keyboard either A: lights up, B: has extra buttons, or C: makes a super loud click when you press the button.

16 Signs You Are Definitely A Gamer

Do you like my impressive keyboard? I can't stop making memes.

Pc master race...? Nah! Gaming master race ftw!

Pc master race...? Nah! Gaming master race ftw!

This is completely true. If someone tells you "it's just a game" just ignore them and game on my friends game on.