Tomboy Style: MOMENT | Gap's Fall 'Icons Redefined' Campaign

Last night the cool kids took advantage of the great weather and trooped to Chelsea’s Gallow Green, located in the McKittrick Hotel, to attend a fête celebrating the launch of “Shine,” Gap’s Fall 2012 campaign.

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Sneak Peek: Stella McCartney for GAP Kids

Sneak Peek: Stella McCartney for GAP Kids

Gap is proud to announce the debut of Stella McCartney for GapKids and babyGap. Stella McCartney creates a collection for boys and girls .

Photograph of {Lucy Liu} by Annie Leibovitz for the Fall 2007 Gap Ad Campaign, "Classics Redefined"

Lucy Liu by Annie Leibovitz. This black and white contrast looks really good.this picture makes lucy liu stand out so well because of how much space she has and it just attracts your eyes towards her direction

Nas and his Father jazz musician Olu Dara in Fall Gap 2012 Ad campaign, "Fatherly Love"

Video: Nas & His Father Are Featured In A New Gap Ad

GAP Ads Fatherly Love - rapper Nas & his father, blues musician Olu Dara.

Relive Gap's Glory Years Before They Had To Close Them All

Relive Gap's Glory Years Before They Had To Close Them All

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Daniel Jackson - Photographer Rila Fukushima - Model Austria Alcantara - Model Dominique Hollington - Model Shena Moulton - Model Alastair McKimm - Fashion Editor/Stylist Anita Bitton for The Establishment - Casting Director Pharell Williams-Musician

Walk into one of the 866 Gap retail stores in the United States this Holiday season, shop online at, or visit the company’s Facebook page and you might be surprised to see the face of Indian-American designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia staring back at you. #respect #equality #changingtimes

Earlier this year, as part of its "Make Love" ad campaign, Gap released this poster featuring Sikh model Waris Ahluwalia. After vandals defaced a subway poster with racist comments, Gap responded .


Discover Gap's Spring Summer 2017 advertising campaign captured by fashion photographer Tyrone Lebon, with creative direction from Brynn Heminway.

Feminine & Feminist

Feminine & Feminist

trousers which are half bikini half formal pants, gap showing thigh/bum