'G' is for Germany. Learn all about everything Germany's culture has to offer with this download.

Germany Culture Map

The flag, German Shepherds, and Berlin–Germany has so many things to offer! The ‘G’ is for Germany in our alphabetical countries worksheets,



All castles along Rhine river

Banksy artwork

Castles along the Rhine River valley in Germany.Pinner says: "I want to see ALL of these castles in the valley where my ancestors lived . Rhine River valley in Germany.

World Map Wood Art by Thula on Scoutmob Shoppe

World Map Wood Art

World Map Wood Art.it would be cool to put a tac wherever you travel to and write the name on the actual map that you traveled to and then if travel a lot the the map will be all filled up.

LOL!!! :)

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- Berlin Wall: A barrier constructed by the GDR hat completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin. Blocked inside from going out.

Holidays Around the World videos are a great way to experience the traditions of other countries or cultures. These short free videos feature Pere Noel, Old Befana and other telling stories and explaining Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and the winter celebrations in France, Canada, England, Germany, and Italy. Watching these video, reading books & passages, making maps, suitcases, passports, crafts, scrapbooks, & postcards is perfect for first, second, third, fourth, & fifth grade & homeschool lesson…

A collection of videos to complement any Holidays Around the World thematic unit as well as links to printable resources.

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