Spring Break is almost here, and it's time to stock up on the necessities...like unicorn pool floats lol! I've rounded up the cutest pool floats for adults, including everything from an ice cream cone to a giant pizza slice!

Cute Pool Floats for Spring Break & Summer Vacation

sharing the cutest inflatable pool floats for adults in every shape and size, including everything from an ice cream cone pool float to a giant pizza slice pool float! Also sharing the most adorable beach coolers, beach towels, beach balls

ERMAHGERD!  A ERNAHKERN!   Imagine showing up to the next neighborhood pool party with this rainbow-hued mystical party animal!  It's going to be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY!   It's the stuff fairy tales (and epic parties) are made of!  And now you can say with a fabulously straight face that your other ride is not only a unicorn, but a Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float!

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

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x x Inches PVC SunnyLife guarantees that your summer won't suck - it'll blow! Lay back and soak up dem rays on this delicious slice of Inflatable Pineapple. Created with durable PVC and

Free shipping and returns on Sunnylife 'Rosie' Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float at Nordstrom.com. Whether you want to float around the pool or mingle with the flock at your local zoo (just kidding), this oversized inflatable flamingo makes the ultimate pool toy or floatie when you want some company while lying out. Embrace your tropical spirit and climb aboard a good time.

Is it pathetic that I want this? 50 bucks during the Nordstrom Sale! Sunnylife 'Rosie' Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float available at

The Coolest Pool Floats You Need Right Now for Summer 2016 - cute pool toys you need for your backyard party and 4th of july! giant inflatable swan, poop emoji, champagne bottle, donut, flip flop, pretzel, pizza, gumball machine and more!

The coolest pool floats and pool toys that you need right now for Summer Spruce up the scenery in your pool with these adorable inflatables.

Aqua Roller inflatable swimming pool float. Unique pool toy is a giant wheel that can be rolled on the swimming pool water surface for hours of fun. Swimming pool toys and floats from In The Swim.

Aqua Rocker Pool Float

Aqua Roller inflatable swimming pool floated is a Unique pool toy for all the family and friends! is a giant wheel that can be rolled on the swimming pool water surface for hours & hours of fun!

The giant rubber ducky is an inflatable toy that you can use in the pool, out on the lake, or in the bathtub, that is assuming you bathtub is around the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Measuring a m...

This giant rubber ducky was see on Good Morning America is adorable for pool parties. This massive inflatable Rubber Ducky is great for lakes, ponds or pools. It's over 6 feet tall and puts those bathroom rubber ducky's to shame.

Intex has created the InflataBULL, an challenging inflatable bull riding pool float for brave friends and family members to enjoy for hours. The durable vinyl pool toy is available to purchase from…

InflataBULL, An Inflatable Bull Riding Pool Float

Have fun riding the Inflatabull Float. Host competitions with family and friends and see how long you can stay mounted on the bull.

Giant Inflatable Parrot Float - Fun Inflatables http://www.intheswim.com/p/giant-parrot-ride-on-inflatable-pool-toy?pcode=209&scode=SOCIPINT

Giant Parrot Ride On Inflatable Pool Toy