abstract giraffe Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Leopard Print Tattoos on butt | ... the mysterious Malkina, sports a cheetah-print tattoo on her back

'I intend to love you until I die': Michael Fassbender proposes to Penelope Cruz with huge diamond ring... before things turn sour in new The Counselor trailer

Zebra & giraffe animal print tattoos ...would totally add a 3rd starr and I bet you cant guess what I would put in it?

would like to do this in an arch on my hip and with a couple more different size/animal print stars, surrounded by leopard print in a pattern.

Shoulder tattoo but getting giraffe print instead. oh yeah

30+ Cheetah and Leopard Print Tattoos for Women

Art This is my favourite of the animal print tattoos for girls. animal-print-tattoos-for-girls

Giraffe Tattoos On Foot | Giraffe+print+tattoo

Cool Small Tattoos express the magic of symbols and meanings in beautiful designs. Small tattoos usually have a shaded design to give them a unique look.

love this placement. was planning on getting cheetah print on my foot but this is way better! <3 doing!

30+ Cheetah and Leopard Print Tattoos for Women

maybe @Ashley Woodworth can get hers filled in with giraffe print?!

I could see myself getting the Zebra Print heart tattoo lol. I think my boyfriend could see that too haha

Stand tall giraffe design

Stand tall giraffe design

giraffe print tattoos - Google Search

giraffe print tattoos - Google Search