You're Getting Different Girl Scout Cookies

You’re Getting Different Girl Scout Cookies Than Other People

Girl Scout Cookies and wine are two of our all time favorite things, but if we're going to enjoy them together, we want to make sure we're doing it right. We got a former troop leader to give us the inside scoop on perfect pairings. Click for more details on the Girl Scout Cookie and wine pairings.

Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairings from a Former Troop Leader

Girl Scout Cookies & Wine Pairings! @Megan Ward Ward Ward Ward Ward Gilmartin I know what we're doing for girls night in

Girl Scout Cookies and Wine

Girl Scout cookie wine pairings I must find these little drug pusher Girl Scouts so I can have some

UPDATED Girl Scout Cookie Lanyards Price Cheat Sheets now with printables eight varieties and the super six !

Here's a great idea for younger Girl Scouts--Cookie Cheat Sheet lanyards. Now they'll never mix up Do-Si-Dos with Tagalongs! The reverse side has a price list.

This is great, but if you notice the allergens listed, eggs aren't included in the chart! My guess is because eggs are in every single cookie. We only have sons, so we'll never run into the situation where we're asked to sell them, but if they offered a dairy & egg free cookie, we'd buy it to support their organization.

The Unofficial 2012 Food Allergy Girl Scout Cookie Chart – Orange County Saddleback Church Parents of Kids with Food Allergies Support Group

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time…are you ready? Print, share and enjoy my Weight Watchers Smart Points List for Girl Scout Cookies! If You Have An Egg #weightwatchers #smartpoints #girlscoutcookies

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Price needs to be adjusted but good idea for the girls to have before collecting money....Girl Scout Cookie Price Sheet

Girl Scout cookie clipboard - includes cookie information sheet, prices of different numbers of cookie boxes, and is decorated by the Brownies with stickers and markers!

Girl Scout Attendance and Badge Chart....Good idea to keep track of who ordered, how many, and what kind for cookie sales!!!

Girl Scout Attendance and Badge Chart.Good idea to keep track of who ordered, how many, and what kind for cookie sales!

OH MY! Check out this list of over 25 amazing Girl Scout Cookie Recipes!!

25+ Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

WARNING: this list of Girl Scout Cookie recipes may induce uncontrollable cookie cravings.