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Girl illustration #cozy / Illustrazione ragazza #confortevole - Art by meago on deviantART, "Pischinger"

Pischinger by meago on deviant Art - this artist creates characters based on…

This is summer. She is a shy singer and loves to draw. She is 13 and her favorite color is yellow.

Images depicted are not representative of the final product. The final product will be localized into English and layouts may be changed to . (Get anime photo of you)

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15 Cute Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

All ladies deserves a new stye because time and trend changing so fast, And if you search a unique short hairdo, we collect most stylish and popular cutie short

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How To Keep Long Hair In Tip Top Condition. The long hair style is hot, which is why lots of women choose to use prolonged, free-flowing hairs rather than the popular short styles of the day.

Hi. I'm Savannah. I am the princess of this land. I love to read, ride my horse, and explore. But whenever I leave the castle, I am accompanied by my personal guard. I always enjoy trying to get past him, because he has to get me out of trouble and it annoys him. Come say hi

An Inspiring Collection of Expressive Photography #4

This girl is stunning! Her freckles are gorgeous! I wish I had freckles...

Gorgeous red hair great freckles love the look with natural wave texture.I think my hair could do that.makes me miss my long hair

Chegando na cabana com a lenha, Hilly estava do lado de fora com sua blusa jeans e seu tenis um pouco esmurrado... Quando ela se deu conta da minha presença me observou com seus olhos azuis que fizeram meus pelos se levantarem e meu coração acelerar...

Edited photo of Emily Rudd for my story "Rise In The Wake" on Wattpad. Again, edited so she more closely resembles the character "Adeline" Who she is the basis for.

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