Full Bloom Cottage: Decorating Ideas for Bookshelves & Mantles

special books under cloche (idea for old school books or our old family photo album w/padded fabric cover)

DIY Holiday Sparkle Glass Dome

Last year, our holiday involved a kitchen renovation and traveling in and out of town, so I opted out of decorating for the holidays.

Cox and Cox Glass Display dome~Image © Lobster & Swan.

Trapped a little bit of spring in here for good measure happy Sunday feels x

I guess it wouldn't matter what my tub looked like if I had this stained glass dome to gaze into.. ahhh

A stained-glass dome ceiling and clawfoot bathtub.I think the sink is not up to the standard of this room, but this is still lovely. I would have put the stained glass dome in some other room.


voguelivingmagazine: Vibrantly coloured butterfly specimens look set to fly away from this heritage-listed Sydney terrace. From ‘Walls that Talk’, a story on page 212 of Vogue Living July/Aug Photograph by Jason Busch.