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God Made Me Activity Sheet Listening Ears: Isaiah Mark Wonderful Eyes: Psalm Helping Hands: Acts 1 Timothy Guarded Mouth: Psalm Psalm Proverbs Happy Heart: Proverbs Beautiful Feet: Isaiah Romans

God Made Me Unique Like a Snowflake                                                                                                                                                                                 More

God Made Me Unique Like a Snowflake

God Made Me Special - Ideas

super hero writing---- having the staff members write what they want to be super at this summer and then give it out halfway through the summer as a goal setting thing?

God made me special printable 1

5 free templates for young children to help them discover and share with others how God made them SPECIAL!

Fingerprint pendant for "God made me special!" lesson (Mother's Day craft for church nursery?)

Mothers Day Gift Idea: Fingerprint Pendant - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow-or keychain?

God made me special

Well actually we are looking at "God made me special" Original inspiration came from Toddleriffic, and their session title is "God made me .

DIY "God Made Me" mini book with Bible verses

I just finished making a very special photo book for my Littles, and now I'm making one for my nephew.

ALL About ME! preschool lessons including bible study

Avery just told Max that he is so special and she loves him so much. ❤️ she went on to talk about how God made him etc. it was an amazing ride home with me smiling driving listening to their chatter.