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black_hair boots dragon_ball dragon_ball_z dragonball dragonball_z epic fist_bump fistbump from_behind gloves jamie male male_focus multiple_boys muscle simple_background son_goku son_gokuu vegeta walking wristband

vegeta and goku by trunks24

another dbz sketch 4 my dbz fans DBZ(C)Akira Toriyama vegeta and goku

I just love dbz

10X Kamehameha

Their relationship in a nutshell

Goku’s the number ONE fan of Vegebul and Papa Veggie!After the last chapters of the manga, Goku seems to be a “bad father”, but he’s so good that he’s able to recognize that now Vegeta is.

Goku and Vegeta with they last forms

Goku and Vegeta with they last forms