180th anniversary of the birth of John Venn

John Venn Birthday John Venn was a logician and philosopher best known for introducing the Venn diagram. In the diagram, circles are used to visually and logically sort groups to illustrate their relationships to each other.

"Doctor Who" Google Doodle game launches to celebrate 50th anniversary! How much time do you take to finish it?

"Doctor Who" Google Doodle game launches to celebrate 50th anniversary! How much time do you take to finish it?

I beat this right before the anniversary episode, which aired the exact day it started, the few levels though. Those were hard. That Dalek ship and Weeping Angel in the graveyard. The Cybermen at London Bridge is easy.

Google Doodle celebrates Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary!! Now I will always have this, YES!!!

Allons-y! Play the Doctor Who Google Doodle Game Now

Celebrating 11 regenerations over 50 years, today's Doodle (or Whoodle?) is a downright charming mini-game based on everyone's favorite Sonic Screwdriver owne.

The London 2012 Olympics kick off in a few hours and the opening ceremony is just around the corner. To celebrate the special day, Google and other search engines have special logos for the event.

Here Come The London Olympics Logos From Google & Others

Google Doodles for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Google Doodles for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The collection of various diverse works in graphic design inspired by Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Google Doodle

Leo Natsume is a talented designer, illustrator, UX designer and animator from my hometown Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Minutes ago, Google posted their first Google Doodle, aka Google Logo, for the The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics that kicks off tonight.  The logo shows the colors of the Rainbow Flag, also known as the LGBT pride flag...

Google Sochi Olympics Logo For Olympic Charter & Gay Rights

Commemorative rainbow Olympic-themed logo quotes fair-minded Olympic charter undermined by Russia’s hateful laws

GOOGLE (Best): Every day Google featured a new interactive Doodle Game that brought the Olympics to life in a fun and uniquely Googlesque way. Great branding, high engagement, and free ... Google does it again.

Google's Hurdles & Curiosity Olympics

Doodles ~ you can actually use your keyboard to make the runner run and jump over the hurdles.