Apparently I have this obsession with googly eyes, now.  Whatever, I'm SO doing this to my charger. :D   VandalEyes the iPhone Charger!

Apparently I have this obsession with googly eyes, now. :D VandalEyes the iPhone Charger!

Artist Shows That Putting Googly Eyes on Inanimate Objects Never Gets Old

If you think this world is going to hell in a handbasket, you've obviously never seen googly eyes on random inanimate objects

Seth Green Loves Googly Eyes

Seth Green, Conan and Andy with the googly eyes. Googly eyes, always funny.

Magnetic Googly Eyes

How-To: Magnetic Googly Eyes

Funny DIY Photo Booth Props | Giant Googly Eyes by DIY Ready at

Cool DIY Photo Booth Props

Curtis Curtis Armstrong Hee Ann Frederick Pierson Sean would get a kick out of this! Easy DIY Giant Googly Eyes--perfect for decorations

dino costume friend


Googly Eyes Funny (23)

Photo of googly eyes planted on different items in Target. Too funny!

I would do the same thing!

Googly Eyes Make Everything Hilarious

I bought googly eyes and placed them on every inanimate thing in my house. I REGRET NOTHING!

Guy plants Googly Eyes on things at Target- 23 more pics at the link. Hilarious!

Guy plants Googly Eyes on things at Target- 23 more pics at the link! I so want to take googly eyes on our next late night shopping trip!

Kids' Craft:  Pipe Cleaner Monkeys! Pipe cleaners, wooden beads, googly eyes. Love how posable they are.

Kids' Craft: Pipe Cleaner Monkeys!

Here’s a fun monkey craft for kids of all ages! Grab some pipe cleaners and some wooden beads and transform them into a cute posable monkey. The monkey can even hang onto your pencil!

Eyebombing!  Take a walk with a toddler who is learning to recognize faces and add googly eyes where needed.  This sounds so fun, though it might technically be vandalism. Em would love this, @Angela Madill Burgess!


Eyebombing really makes me smile! (Eyebombing: the act of setting googly eyes on inanimate things in the public space, with the goal of humanizing the streets and making people smile. Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time.

Horror makeup tutorial - boils from googly eyes!

DIY Googly Eyes into Boils Makeup. Do you know the original source for this makeup? All the pins led me to a dead end.

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet

I thought Bin LADEN was dead ? ( Hope this BLOWS you away ? ) 💥 Glad the real Bin Laden can't BLOW anyone away too obviously 👍