16 Grammar Sins That Drive An English Major Crazy

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I am stranded on a dessert island! - The only time I find grammar errors funny.

The power of using proper punctuations!

Are you a grammar nerd? If so, you& appreciate these grammar puns and jokes. Don& be ashamed of your geekiness. Your English teacher would be proud!

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My life is a constant battle between wanting to correct grammar and wanting to have friends

I am silently correcting your grammar. Send this to your favorite grammar snob on Keep!

I am silently correcting your grammar, Funny mug, mug for gift, I am silently…

Types Of Grammar#funny #lol #lolzonline

Types Of Grammar#funny #lol #lolzonline

13 grammar jokes only bookworms will appreciate.

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Grammar Rule: "Hilarious, irreverent, and just the right amount of snark.  Enjoy!"

Grammar Rule: "Hilarious, irreverent, and just the right amount of snark… <- hehehe I do all these as a writer and its fun to watch people squirm like a worm

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Everybody makes them, but not everyone has the bad luck of having their grammar errors broadcast to the world via the Internet.