Did this with the ex...at least I still have the memory of the beautiful canyon :0)!

Ride in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. Well, I've been there, but never flown in a helicopter over it.

Grand Canyon Helicopters aerial

Grand Canyon Helicopter tour - they played Tom Petty "Learning to Fly" the entire time.

Does anyone else have flying over the Grand Canyon on their Bucket List? | #VegasSeason #DiscoverAmerica

Taking a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas

There are dozens of ways to experience the Grand Canyon but only one truly encapsulates the grand scale - taking a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.

The Grand Canyon, i have already been here before but i loved every second of it and want to go back.

The Grand Canyon, USA. Experience its vastness at breathtaking lookout points or by braving a helicopter ride for bird's eye views.

So, I can check this off my list. Went on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Nº Check!--Been on a couple different rides.E when I was once when I was 13 on an Army Helicopter when I was in Air Cadets, equipped with an open side door with the best view ever!

Grand Canyon, probably my favorite place on this entire planet.

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Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA If you haven't been, you need to put on your bucket list of things to do, you won't regret it.

Aerial view of the Grand Canyon.  Saw this view from a small Cessna airplane I was in.

Aerial view of the Grand Canyon. Saw this view from a small Cessna airplane I was in.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour, I've done this and recommend to everyone!

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour and Colorado River Boat Ride in The Southwest

Take the ultimate Grand Canyon tour! You'll fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon by helicopter, cruise the Colorado River, then spend time at the West Rim. You also have the option of choosing the Grand Canyon Skywalk for panoramic view

Helicopter over The Grand Canyon. Another idea for a fun splurge on this upcoming Vegas trip

Enjoy these Grand Canyon sightseeing photos. We also have pictures of the Valley of Fire from Maverick's Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Gallery.