Greek Name Day Calendar

Many times we hear the title Apostle thrown around in Church and we might not necessarily know what it means. Some people will say that 11 of the disciples not because Judas the Iscariot h.

The Greek Orthodox Church and Confession

What is death to a Greek Orthodox Christian? In our understanding of existence, going to heaven is not life after death, but rather the General Resurrection

Greek Name Day Calendar

This Greek butter biscuit cookie recipe produces a light and fluffy pastry popular in Greece around Easter.

Find the Greek name day for every Greek saint name on the name day calendar. Xronia Polla!

When someone passes away, Orthodox Christians celebrate a memorial services, called a Mnimosino. Here's some more information about what this service is.

Greek Name Day Calendar

Some Orthodox churches in the UK mark the New Year on different dates. Those who use the revised Julian calendar begin a new calendar year on January Those who use the older version of the Julian calendar mark Christmas on Jan and the New Year on January

Greek Name Days In Greece, You Get Two Birthdays

Your Name Is Your "Birthday" in Greece

Name Days in Greece - is it true everyone in Greece gets two birthdays to celebrate? Sort of.